Euro Pop Contest - Online edition

Euro Pop Contest ist the unique possibility for talented kids and teenagers to come on the first stage to a big world of a popmusic! It is a festival for young singers between 10 and 24 years. Due to the global pandemic in 2020/2021, it was decided to hold an Online Edition of the "Euro Pop Contest - Berlin Pearl" with a prize fund of 500 euros for the Grand Prix winner!

The mission of the competition is to promote talents of the young performers, encourage friendships and bring different cultures together as well as familiarize contestants of various nationalities with the German culture and art and enable them to demonstrate their own. The participants can show their vocal skills to big audience and professional judges. Contestants selected for the international final have high quality of vocal performance and experience of performing on stage. Until 2009 this competition was called only "Berliner Perle" (Berlin Pearl). Since 2009 it has been renamed into a name, that is understandable to all nationalities Euro Pop Contest Grand-Prix "Berliner Perle" (in 2009, the contest was attended by contestants from 21 countries). All participants compete for the title of the absolute winner of competition, that is, the Grand Prix and receives a special cup "Berliner Perle".

Participants are divided into three age categories: 10-13, 14-17, 18-24. Winners of national qualifications receive an invitation to participate in the international final, which takes place at the end of November each year in Berlin (in 2021: Online - Edition 17.-19.12.2021). Many finalists of Euro Pop Contest participate successfully in other competitions, produce their CDs, perform a lot with concerts and are already small stars in their countries. The Organizing Committee of the competition constantly keeps in touch with them and helps in their progress on the way to success.

In Video and Photo you can see materials from past contests. Every year the Euro Pop Contest becomes more popular in Germany for residents of the country, the city of Berlin and its guests. 

Regulations Euro Pop Contest Berliner Perle 2021 - Online Edition
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Competition takes place in two phases:


Phase 1 - Selection 18.11.2021:

  • Selection of candidates takes place according to the submitted applications filled out on the website In the application singers must fill out the required fields (information about the participant), upload two photos and send two videos of a live performance with a link to the file (preferably youtube) of national song or original song and the world hit with the ability to view the file until the end of the "jury discussion" date;
  • Non-professional video is allowed, on stage or directly from home. Video should be not older than 1 year;
  • Decision about participation in the final would be within two days after receiving the application. Latest deadline for submitting the application is 18.11.2021;
  • First phase of the online - festival takes place without paying the competition fee.


Phase 2 - Final of the competition in Berlin – Stream on social networks 17.-19.12.2021:

  • At the first phase of the competition, the selection of candidates is conducted by the organizing committee;
  • List of finalists will be announced on 19.11.2021 on the competition website;
  • Each determined participant of the final part receives a written confirmation  by the organizing committee;
  • In case of getting into the final part candidate can change the competition songs until 18.11.2021;
  • Participants have pay the registration fee of the competition 60 euros for soloists and 120 euros for duets, trios, groups within 7 days after confirmation of participation in the final part and not later than 25.11.2021 to the bank account specified in the confirmation mail;


How to apply?

  • Any vocal group or performer between 10 and 24 years, performing in the genre of a popular song, can participate in the competition;
  • Candidates must fill out an application for participation on the website of the competition not later than 18.11.2021, upload two photos and send two videos of live performance with a link to a file (preferably youtube) of national hit or original song, and a world hit;
  • Pay the registration fee within 7 days after confirmation of participation in the final (in the second phase), but not later than 25.11.2020 in the amount of 60 euros for a soloist and 120 euros for a duet, trio, groups;
  • Decision about participation in the final would be within two days after receiving the application



Highly qualified specialists in the field of popular music and show business, vocalists, choreographers, "Stars" of the European stage, as well as media workers are involved in the work of the jury. Evaluation of performances is carried out according to an 11-point system from 5, 5.25, 5.5, 5.75, 6, etc. to 11 points with a summarizing result for two competitive performances.

Awarding / Prize fund

The highest award „Grand - Prix“ is awarded to the absolute winner with the highest number of points, regardless of age category, followed by:


  • Laureate of the competition and a diploma of I, II and III place 10 - 13 years*;
  • Laureate of the competition and a diploma of I, II and III place 14 - 17 years*;
  • Laureate of the competition and a diploma of I, II and III place 18 - 24 years*;
  • Diploma of IV and V place in every age category;
  • Participant of the competition

*The order of places is determined by the number of points scored in each age category.

  • Prize fund of the competition is 500 euros. This amount is awarded to the “Grand – Prix” winner;
  • In agreement with the organizing committee jury can approve special prizes (for the best song of own composition, for the best arrangement, for the best performance on stage, etc.) to the participants of the competition;
  • All final participants in the final (Phase 2) will receive competition diplomas by email;